Using Time Efficiency During the Pandemic Period

We all have to spend more time in our homes to protect our health due to the pandemic period we have suddenly fallen into and the bans that come with it. This unfamiliar situation brings with it the question “What can be done at home and how can time be spent efficiently?”

First of all, “I shouldn’t waste this period”, “everyone is doing something, I should do it too”, “what if I sit idle at home when this period is over” etc. Instead of burdening ourselves with worry and anxiety with thoughts, we should not forget that this period is not a period started to improve ourselves, but a ‘state of necessity’ experienced due to a difficult process that affects the whole world.

In this period, we have a few recommendations for you to reduce your anxiety, make you feel fit and motivated, and help you stay in touch with life;

Before the pandemic, we all had daily plans and certain routines. For this reason, planning your day will be a powerful source of motivation to get you active and active for the rest of the day.

In our pre-pandemic life, we were all in a rush. Now we have more free time. Spend more time listening to yourself and your inner you. Staying calm and taking time for yourself will reduce the anxiety caused by the pandemic process and make you more peaceful.

A healthy soul and a healthy body are interrelated, so you can spare plenty of time for activities such as sports, yoga, meditation to relax and feel fit.

Due to the pandemic process, many organizations conduct trainings or seminars online. You can participate in the trainings that you cannot attend with the tempo of daily life.

Communicating with your loved ones will be good for you and will help you get out of your pessimistic mood. You can create sharing hours with your loved ones who live in the same house, you can call your distant loved ones by phone and spend time with them, even from afar.

Most importantly, you are at the perfect time to start the work that you could not find time, postpone or dare to start, but that you want to do. Channeling your energy and thoughts into the things you love and want will reduce your anxiety and prevent you from spending time on negative thoughts. At the same time, the feeling of doing something or achieving something will increase your psychological resilience.

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