The harshest days of winter have begun. Would you like to turn the increasing cold with the snowfall into an advantage for your beauty? These cold temperatures can offer you positive benefits in terms of healing for the change you have been dreaming of for a long time.

Ideal Time for Nose Aesthetics
We always say; Rhinoplasty can be done in every season and every month. If the patient is not a heavy worker working outdoors, there is no harm in performing rhinoplasty in the summer. However, these cold temperatures may offer a positive advantage to the patient for the recovery of edema. 3 days after the operation, the patient can take short walks in the open air and this process can be positively supported. Cleaning the air with snowfall also provides psychological relief to the person. A hot cup of coffee in the open air will give you morale and motivation for your recovery period at home.

Pay Attention to These
Sensitive skin should always be protected from the effects of cold weather. You should use your sunscreen in this type of snowy weather without neglecting it. Remember that the sun will reflect from the open ground, increasing its effect. It would be a good decision to pay attention to the foods we eat these days and to make up for the sedentary days at least with simple exercises at home, since the cold weather is the time when we are closed at home and we spend most of the time eating and working.

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