Upper leg and intra-knee liposuction

If the lubrication in the upper legs and knees has become a problem, it may be due to hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause. When the fat starts to accumulate in the thigh area, it is seen that the hips, thighs and upper legs thicken and the body takes the shape of a pear.

The formation of extra fat on the inner and outer thighs of some women is quite common. This is sometimes genetic and worsens from day to day with age, unbalanced diet and lack of exercise. Fat tissues in problem areas such as the thigh area contain too many insulin receptors; The more receptors, the more problems. These fats sometimes form on your outer legs, giving them the appearance of a second hip and appearing to break into pieces when you wear tight-fitting clothes.

In some cases, the oils collected in the inner legs cause the legs to rub against each other, causing discomfort such as irritation and redness. The first defense against the accumulated fat in this area is a healthy diet and exercise. In addition to these, small donations can also be received. Liposuction is a suitable solution to melt the fat in the areas that resist exercise in the thigh area. But since the skin structure in this area is thin, the laser liposuction method, which also has a tightening effect, can be chosen. Unlike traditional liposuction, laser liposuction triggers collagen production in the body and tightens your skin in the coming months.

The hips and upper legs are where fat likes to collect in rolls. Traditional liposuction and laser liposuction can be applied to this area together and very good results are obtained. For a good result after liposuction, it is recommended to wear a specially made tight corset or stockings.

The knees are another area where fat can accumulate. Fat accumulation in this area makes the legs look disproportionate and the knees shapeless. Even if you have a genetic tendency, maintaining a stable weight with a suitable diet prevents the formation of unwanted fat here. With a small incision made in the knee or groin area, liposuction can also be applied to this area (the incision made from the groin allows the removal of fat in the thigh area, as well as less swelling during the healing process).

This area is very suitable for shaping with liposuction, but the contours can be prominent because the fat sacs are smaller. Therefore, the process is applied very carefully. When applied correctly, very good results are obtained and a scar that is difficult to perceive with the naked eye remains. But it is necessary to wait a few weeks before the skewers go down and you can see the final result. (Especially in laser liposuction.)

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