Unplugged rhinoplasty

Unpadded Nose Aesthetics

In aesthetic nose operations, tampons that make patients’ noses look bigger and cause more swelling and bruising are no longer used by many surgeons.

There are different types of tampons used in rhinoplasty. By compressing the bandage used in the past in the nose, it would prevent the patient from breathing through the nose after the operation and cause bleeding and pain. Such situations caused patients to avoid aesthetic nose operations.

Today, there are silicone pads that keep the airway open, which we call silicone splints. When this type of tampons are used, the patient can return to his daily life more quickly and breathe more easily through the nose.

In unpadded rhinoplasty ; A special tool called an intranasal stapler is used. No nasal packing is used. Since the patient’s nose is not blocked, he can breathe more easily through the nose. There is no need for an additional cleaning in the nose. With this tool, dissolving sutures are placed inside the nose. There is no need to take stitches after the operation, the stitches dissolve on their own after about 10 days.

Kiss. Dr. Current Ozturk

Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist

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