Unknown facts about breast reduction

Although breasts are considered symbols in women, their large size causes various problems. Apart from not being suitable for the body structure, unsuitable clothes, difference in size between upper and lower clothes, bra straps cutting the shoulders, back pain, sweating and irritation under the breasts are common and uncomfortable problems.

Considering that the breasts are a part of the body, it should be expected to grow and shrink by being affected by weight gain or loss. However, being disproportionately large with the general structure of the body is considered structural, familial and usually begins to appear soon after puberty. For this reason, there are many women who apply to plastic surgeons at the age of 17-18 at a very early age with the desire to reduce. Compared to their friends, these young women are not able to wear comfortable clothes and have difficulties while doing sports.

Breast reduction has been a demanded surgery for a long time due to the reasons mentioned, and therefore many surgical methods have been developed for this. Although these are very different methods from each other, when viewed from the outside, they can generally be classified according to the surgical scar left. Because the patient is more interested in the remaining surgical scar compared to the surgical method. These scars are in the form of the letter T or the letter I, which is briefly inverted under the breast. Although more I-shaped surgical scars have been desired in recent years due to their shorter length, and I do the short line (I) methods for most of my patients, it may not be possible for every patient. Here, in addition to the patient’s body and breast structure, the preference of the doctor gains importance. Although some methods are more protective in breast reduction surgeries, since a significant amount of breast tissue is removed, breast-feeding problems may occur in these patients later on.

In breast reduction surgeries, the breast size should be formed in accordance with the body structure of the patient. As it can be understood from here, the breast size of each patient should not be the same after the surgery. It is the general approach for the patient to rest at home for a few days after staying in the hospital for one day and to start work after about a week, and there is no distinction as if these surgeries are performed in summer or winter. Breast reduction surgery is almost always accompanied by breast lift, and sometimes the need for breast lift is greater than the need for reduction. There is no regrowth of the reduced breasts in proportion to the body, and there is no age limit for the surgery. Reducing the breasts is not a cause of disease, and it should be considered that it may reduce the possibility of disease in the breasts, because breast tissue that may cause disease or carry disease during surgery can be removed.

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