Understanding Each Other Guide

Like some objects, I wish people had a user manual, for example, but unfortunately there isn’t.
Maybe then, men and women could get help from this guide to understand each other, or they could look there when they encountered any behavior and couldn’t make sense of it, but we don’t have such an opportunity.
Therefore, let’s use the “Understanding Each Other Guide” instead of the user’s manual. How?
There is a part of our brain called the limbic system that contains emotions. This system consists of amygdale, thalamus, hypothalamus, hippocampus, corpus callosum and several other structures. This system governs the psychological responses to emotional impulses. The limbic system is the part of the brain that deals with memory, attention, emotions, sexual instincts, personality, and behavior.
What we need is to understand the feelings of the other person, that is, to empathize. In order to understand the other person, we must first listen to him/her. Listening… What we can do next is to ask the right questions to the other person or to express that we understand their feelings. Like, “I know that you are upset about this situation, yes, this situation makes me sad too”.
But sometimes empathy isn’t enough. In other words, we understand the feelings of the other person, but we do not understand. Because human beings want to be understood first. It is important at this point to accept the inherent differences between men and women. Due to their chemistry, yes, men and women are different from each other because although they contain the same hormones, the working patterns and balances of the hormones are different.
Equality should be in emotions. The acceptance that both men and women have feelings and sometimes only the acceptance from the other party can be important. A “How are you” question can be very valuable. Recalling old memories, looking at photo albums, if any, can be used as a tool to refresh old memories and renew the relationship.

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