Umbrella protection from a brain attack

The stent, which is applied to open occluded brain vessels in brain crisis, carries less risk than endarterectomy (opening of vascular occlusion by surgery).

The stent applied to open the clogged vessels and the umbrella filter used during this procedure cause the patient to have a longer and more comfortable life.

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Thanks to the stent application, which has become increasingly common in the opening of clogged brain vessels, and the umbrella filter used during the procedure, the risk of brain attack is eliminated. Stent application is easier than endarterectomy (opening the obstruction with surgery).

With its current definition, a brain attack (stroke) is the inability of the brain tissue fed by that vessel to perform its functions as a result of the blockage or narrowing of the vessels feeding the brain.

A group of patients may have a brain attack without any symptoms, or there may be precursor symptoms called transient ischemic attack. These symptoms appear temporarily.

The most common ones are unilateral or bilateral vision loss, numbness in the hand, arm, leg, numbness, temporary inability to speak, not knowing what to say.”

Risk groups in brain attack

– Dissection (It can be spontaneous, it can also be by forcing the neck or taking a blow in a sports competition, by sudden neck movement, by tightening the neck of the seat belt.)
– High blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart patients and those whose heart does not work regularly
– Those with high blood fats, those with a history of vascular disease in the family and those over the age of 40 constitute the risk group.
– Slightly more in men until menopause. Because estrogen hormone protects women a little more against atherosclerosis. But when the level of this hormone decreases, equal risk factors occur with the menopause period.
– Smokers are one of the biggest risk groups.

Age of brain attack dropped

People over the age of 40 are in the risk group of brain attack. Brain attacks can also be seen in younger people. There are many reasons for this. Our way of life, fast-food-dominated malnutrition, not giving enough importance to sports can be among the causes of brain crisis at younger ages.

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