Ultrasonography in the diagnosis of tethered cord-tethered spinal cord syndrome

Thanks to the developments in ultrasound technology, the spine of babies can be easily examined in the last 10 years. Ultrasonography is the safest imaging method known as it does not contain ionizing radiation. You should not worry that it will harm babies.

Congenital spine or spinal cord diseases are usually very easily recognized because they reveal visible findings. However, the tethered cord (tethered cord) in this disease group may not give any symptoms until primary school age. In a study, it was determined that some of the children with nocturnal urinary incontinence at primary school age had tethered spinal cord syndrome. Delayed diagnosis in this disease causes the nerves to die and the problems do not go away even if surgical intervention is performed. Tethered spinal cord disease can be definitively diagnosed in the newborn period with an ultrasound examination that will take 1-2 minutes. A spinal-sacral ultrasonography examination by a radiologist will be sufficient.

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