Types of brackets


Metal brackets, which are widely used today, are produced from stainless steel materials. These high-quality brackets are smaller, more comfortable and more attractive than previously released ones. By attaching rubber ligatures of various colors on metal brackets, especially in children, orthodontic treatment motivation can be increased and the treatment can be more enjoyable.


The most superior feature compared to other bracket types is the use of elastic or steel ties. Thus, control appointments are shorter and monthly control sessions, which take place every 3-4 weeks, can be arranged as 5-6 weeks.


Due to the unaesthetic appearance of metal brackets, companies have tended to look for more aesthetic brackets. For this reason, aesthetic brackets have emerged. For this reason, it is preferred in adult patients or young people. Aesthetic brackets are also available in types made of various materials.

Ceramic Brackets
It is made of semi-transparent material. They’re just very obvious. The disadvantages of these brackets are that they are brittle, they are likely to cause abrasion on the teeth, and the friction is high. In order to reduce friction, the bracket grooves are made of metal or gold.


They are brackets that are attached from the inner surface of the teeth facing the tongue. So the wires are not visible. They are very aesthetic brackets as they are attached to the inside. Although it is an aesthetic method, the treatment period is longer and since the brackets are located on the tongue side, it may cause speech disorders and tongue injuries.

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