Types of addiction – prevention and importance of prevention

In my previous article, I gave you information about “virtual addiction”. This week I will share what I know about “alcohol-substance addiction”. It is not possible for me to write deep and detailed information about the titles in my columns. You can read the articles written by the experts or consult the experts on the subjects that you think are missing information.

Note: I recommend that you do not give credence to articles of unknown origin as a result of internet searches. The unfounded information you find about the subject you are researching can arouse extreme anxiety and fear.

Let’s come to the subject of “addiction”,

We humans are highly susceptible to being addicted. We like to keep doing things that give us pleasure and make us happy. So why not continue, I think we’re right anyway

However, we should not miss the word “TOO EVERYTHING IS HARMFUL”. Because when we look at the infrastructure of addiction, getting pleasure has an important place.

Let’s first look at the types of addictions;

Alcohol-substance addiction

shopping addiction

food addiction

sex addiction

Gambling/gaming addiction

Internet addiction

Did anything catch your interest?

Except for alcohol-substance and gambling addiction, all of them are phenomena in a person’s life. Then we cannot say that there is only one type of addiction. While some of them have an important place in the life process and are based on overdose, the other part is based on discovered as a later learned pleasure.

In addiction, not all of them are based on the same basis, and the treatment processes may be different from each other.

Finally, even touching a person’s life is the ability to apply the existing treatment method as a “personal treatment method” in a special form for that person.

Before talking about treatment, there is one thing that needs to be mentioned. PRECAUTION – MEASURE

In this sense, although studies have increased, they are not enough.

If the young people knew the results (in all truth) in the first step they took to the substance, maybe it would not be reset, but the rate would definitely decrease.

In my next article, I will discuss the changes in young people and the way families approach.

Unity is strength,

Your ideas and suggestions for the prevention and precautionary studies I want to do within the scope of drug addiction in Sakarya will be very valuable to me.

Healthy days

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