Type plasty-nose tip aesthetics

It is a small intervention made only to the cartilage tissue at the tip of the nose. It is a very simple operation that is applied in all cases such as drooping, asymmetry, width, low or wider than normal nose tip. With this operation, it is possible to reshape thick, drooping, long or wide nose tips.

The cartilages at the tip of the nose may be separate and large in some people. In medicine, this condition is called Bullbous Nose.

When viewed from the front, the tip of the nose appears to be split from the middle. The excessive size of the nostrils causes the nostrils to appear too wide. In addition, if there is asymmetry in the nose wings, it can be corrected with this surgery.

Thick, drooping, long or wide nose tips are reshaped and the nose wings are narrowed in the intervention made only to the cartilage tissue at the tip of the nose without touching any other part of the nose.

If the tip of the nose is inclined downwards and this inclination is outside the normal limits, it will cause breathing difficulties for the patient. In this case, again Tip Plasticy is the most suitable solution.

Reshaping the nasal cartilages is done with a simple technique called open nose surgery. It takes approximately 20-25 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia in operating room conditions.

This technique is also the most ideal method for adjusting the nose and lip angle. Most of the time, it doesn’t even require plaster and tampons. Thus, the patient does not experience any difficulty in breathing after the operation. There is no bruising on the face, the edema that may occur in the nose will also decrease in a few days. You can go home right after the operation and return to your social life a week later.

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