As it is known today, technology has developed quite a lot. It is inevitable for everyone from seven to seventy to use phones, tablets, computers, televisions, etc. Technology has made our daily life much easier. However, it would not be right to consider this progress only in a positive way.

With exceptions, most of us have at least one television at home or at work. It has always been accessible. Although there is no harm in the use of news and entertainment, it is useful to remember that we need to control the usage times. Even family hours have started to turn when the television is on or through television programs. Parents are unaware that they impose television usage restrictions on their children while watching television.

When we look at today, social relations began to be damaged. The main problem between couples, friendships and business life is miscommunication. Technological devices are the cause of most problems in cases (especially child-adolescent) that we usually encounter as specialist psychologists. If we do not pay attention to this point, these problems will unfortunately maintain their continuity. By allocating private time for ourselves, finding new hobbies, increasing face-to-face communication with our environment, we can limit watching television and dealing with our phone to kill time. And let’s not forget that our children and little ones take us as role models.

Well, let’s detail together, television uncontrolled;

– failure to fulfill one’s responsibilities

-family relations

-eye problems

-friend/peer relationships

-technology addiction

-social communication

-trust yourself

-cultural values

-family ties

-eating disorder

-posture disorders

-immune system

-early puberty

-intelligence development

-distracted and forgetful

-really don’t break

-mental instability

And we can list many more items. If you spend more than 2 hours a day in front of the TV, find new hobbies that you can replace.

In addition, there are people who use it very correctly. While not ignoring, you can guess that this rate is very low. As in everything else, conscious use is extremely important at the point of watching television.

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