Turning point

Turning point..
These days, it’s time to settle into university. Many hopeful hearts do the best for themselves.
will choose. When I spoke to someone who was in this period, he said, “This is my most important decision, my life.
I hear words like “turning point, decision of my life, my future, my last chance”. Yes it is an important
decision but rest assured it is not the most important in life. It’s not even a turning point in life. Yourself
It is an opportunity to choose a suitable profession, but never the last chance!!
You either did your best or you didn’t. It does not matter. Now with a point in hand
time to choose. The most irrelevant for you with the choice you made, the most irrelevant in the city and university
Even if you are reading a chapter, if you want, there will always be another way for your dreams.
If you really want something, there will be countless opportunities. Sometimes it will be easy,
sometimes difficult. But there will always be different paths.
I’m sure there will be more important decisions in life, when you look back years later, you will find the difficulties of today.
Maybe you won’t remember.
You see, nothing happens, the part you want doesn’t come, it’s not hard to get ready again. Again
don’t get ready again. It doesn’t matter the years you gave for your dreams.
A big decision for today, a difficult time, choices as a small detail in the life that goes by.
will stay.
Your dreams are always with you..
May everything be your dreams
Hatice Alpagut

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