Tummy Tuck

The abdomen is an important aesthetic unit that directly affects the appearance of the body. During pregnancy and childbirth, women’s abdominal skin and muscles loosen, sag, and result in rapid stretching of the skin. crackscauses its formation.

In addition, sagging and loosening of the abdominal skin and muscles occur due to the deformation of the abdominal skin and muscles as a result of excessive weight gain in men, often more frequently in women. With the tearing of the tissues between the muscles that make the anterior wall of the abdomen and keep the internal organs inside and make the abdomen appear flat, the muscles are separated from each other and the abdomen appears protruding and drooping due to the push of the organs from the inside.

Your belly has not only been lubricated, but also the muscles have opened up and sagged. This deformity can cause general health problems such as waist and back pain due to excess weight and sagging, as well as problems such as not being able to wear a comfortable bikini and swimwear in summer.

It is possible to get rid of this problem with tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) surgery.

Abdominoplasty It is a surgery that removes excess skin and fat tissue from the abdomen and restores the abdominal wall muscles to their former tension. Most of the time, combining it with liposuction (fat pulling) surgery for waist thinning gives better results. As a result, this surgery both destroys the cracked skin in your abdomen, removes your excess fat and restores your abdominal wall to its former tension. .

Abdominoplasty is not only a method applied to people who are overweight. It is also extremely beneficial for people who are weak but have sagging abdominal skin and cracks.

If there is sagging in the abdomen with excess weight, the tummy tuck operation is performed together with liposuction. If there is no sagging in the abdomen, only liposuctionenough.

During the tummy tuck procedure, it is possible to correct the old cesarean section scar and to treat some diseases such as umbilical hernia. The abdomen is flattened, the waist becomes thinner, and because the intra-abdominal volume decreases, people reach a sense of satiety with less food after surgery. This is an effect that facilitates weight loss and reduces obesity.

Patients who plan to lose weight should postpone the surgery and all possible weight should be lost before this surgery.

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