Tummy tuck

Tummy tuck procedure sagging, cracked, orange peel in the abdomen

It is the process of removing the excess of bad skin and adipose tissue that has taken its appearance.

The surgery is slightly longer than the cesarean section below the belly button.

It is made with an incision. Deteriorated and sagging skin and adipose tissue

This is taken with an incision and the healthy tissue above is stretched downwards.

is planted.

Simultaneously with this procedure, if in female patients abdominal

If the muscles are relaxed, the muscle tissue is also tightened. Thus, both straight and tight,

and we get a stomach with better skin quality.

Tummy tuck surgeries are often performed together with Liposuction.

A thinner waist, especially by performing Liposuction on the upper and waist region of the abdomen

It is possible to create a gully.

Recovery Period in Abdominoplasty

After tummy tuck surgery, the patient usually spends the first 2 nights in the hospital.

stays through. In the hospital setting, intravenously, even after discharge

Pain is relieved with oral painkillers. Patient’s first walk

It is done a few hours after the surgery, but this is a surgery done in a hunched position.

is walking.

After the first week, the patient can walk in an upright position again. recovery period

Patients should have a balanced diet, not gain weight and not be constipated throughout

is important. This surgery can be done in any season. weather conditions improve

It has no positive or negative contribution.

After tummy tuck surgery, a line-shaped scar remains in the area. However, this trace

will stay in bikini or underwear. Over time, the trace becomes blurred and becomes clearer from day to day.

lightens the day.

Is it possible to get pregnant after Tummy Tuck?

Abdominoplasty is not an obstacle to pregnancy. patient’s abdomen

Flexibility will not be impaired.

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