Tummy tuck

Abdominoplasty, in the abdominal region that does not respond to diet and exercise, has given birth several times
It is a tummy tuck surgery that can be performed by people with sagging. Problem area, below the navel
miniabdominoplasty if it is limited to one section, abdominoplasty if it covers the entire abdomen, to cover the waist
Circumferential abdominoplasty is applied if it is a large area. Thinking of losing weight or giving birth
It is recommended that people wait for the operation.

How is the operation done?
In abdominoplasty, which is not a standard surgery, the abdominal fat and sagging skin are removed and the abdomen is removed.
muscles are stretched and strengthened. This operation is not a treatment for obesity and the patient
First, she should lose as much weight as possible. While full abdominoplasty takes 2 to 5 hours, miniabdominoplasty takes 1-2 hours.
completed within an hour. The operation is performed under general anesthesia.

What is the Treatment Period?
The hospital stay after the operation is 2 or 3 nights in full abdominoplasty.
In miniabdominoplasty, it is usually sufficient to stay in the hospital for 1 night. Leaks to the operated area
A drain is inserted for 24-48 hours in order to drain the blood and to prevent blood collection and an abdominal pressure can be adjusted.
corset is worn. This corset will keep the surgical site still and reduce swelling. your operation
followed by a lift in which your torso is elevated 45 degrees from your waist to avoid tension in your abdominal area.
You must lie down in position. After a few hours, it is necessary to be fed with liquid, non-gas-producing foods.
You can start.

From the third day, the edema accumulated in the body begins to decrease. When you first stand up after surgery
You must walk bent at the waist and leaning forward. Then a few degrees every day
After about 10-12 days by getting more upright, you can walk upright in the normal position. 2
You can slowly return to your social life and take a shower starting from the first week. pool before 4 weeks and
swimming, heavy work for 6 weeks, solarium, sauna, steam bath, sunbathing and
It is not recommended to participate in activities such as sports.

The surgical scar may be red and itchy for the first 3-4 months. It will lighten after 6 months, but even after 2 years
A thin surgical scar will be visible. Care is taken to keep this trace within the bikini line.

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