Trichotillomania (picking disease)

Trichotillomania (Plucking Disease) is a psychological disorder. It is considered undesirable, irresistible behavior. It is an impulse control disorder in which individuals pluck their hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. Hair pulling is the most common type of pulling we encounter. Although the causes of trichotilloma are not known exactly, it is observed that it mostly occurs in situations such as bullying, domestic unrest and pressure.

The age of occurrence of this impulse control disorder often starts at the age of 4, along with childhood, and continues through adolescence. The incidence in girls is higher in women than in men.

In trichotillomania, which is accepted as a meaningless and unwanted behavior like Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), the individual takes pleasure from exhibiting this behavior and feels relief. A person deliberately plucks their hair, eyelashes or eyebrows to relieve increased anxiety or tension. These plucking are often concentrated in the same areas. As people see these sparse areas, they experience unhappiness and regret. They use various methods to hide it. For the treatment of trichotillomania, first of all, individuals should apply to the psychiatry service. In this process, the attitudes of the people around them are very important for individuals or children. Although the use of medication continues during the treatment process, it should be applied in psychotherapy in order to achieve a more effective result. Generally, psychotherapy such as EMDR is one of the therapies used in such disorders.

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