Treatment of Acne Scars

Deep and large pimples can leave scars on the skin. Playing with pimples and squeezing play a big role in scar formation.
play. In the past years, it was very difficult to treat acne scars. Today, new methods
With its use, acne scars can be partially treated.

Laser Treatments
Ablative Carbon Dioxide – Ablative Erbium oil fractional lasers: The upper layer of the skin is completely peeled off.
Non-ablative fat fractional laser: The upper layer of the skin is burned in a controlled and specific depth.
renewal is provided.

Subcision-Subcutaneous Incision Method
It is applied by breaking the tissue under the acne scar with the help of a needle. Acne scar with local anesthesia
A back-and-forth motion is applied to the underlying tissue with the help of a needle. The aim is to renew the texture here.
is to provide.

Chemical Peel
It is tried to treat acne scars by applying superficial, medium or deep peeling methods and peeling the skin.

Treatment with Dermaroller
It is usually applied with 2 mm deep dermaroller. It is an effective method on ice pick, rolling, box car tracks.

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