Treatment methods

Problems and expectations in orthodontics differ from individual to individual. There are basically two types of treatment methods: removable appliances that the person can put on and take off, and fixed appliances that are attached to the teeth by the doctor. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the most appropriate treatment for the patient.
Removable appliances are used in the application of simple treatments in the mixed dentition period. Functional appliances are also appliances that are used as removable. These appliances are applied to individuals in the growth and development period in order to direct the jaws.
Fixed brackets, on the other hand, can be divided into metal and aesthetic wires attached from the front surface of the tooth.


Fixed orthodontic treatments can be classified as extraction and non-extraction treatments.

Withdrawal Treatments
The majority of orthodontic disorders are caused by tooth sizes being incompatible with jaw size. If this problem is not too severe, jaw expansions or filings are made on the right and left sides of the teeth. If the problem is even more severe, tooth extraction may be on the agenda. Generally, 30-40% of patients undergoing orthodontic treatment need tooth extraction.
Extractive treatments are preferred in patients with more complicated problems such as severe crowding, closing disorders in the posterior region, midline incompatibility and open bite. In extraction treatments, the first premolars are usually extracted. The reason for this is that these teeth are usually close to the crowding area, there are 2 on each side of the jaw, and their extractions do not cause aesthetic discomfort. The cavities gained by tooth extraction are used to correct teeth with alignment problems.

Non-Extraction Treatments
Non-extraction treatment methods are applied in patients with mild crowding and minimal dental problems. The shortest treatment period is 6 months on average. These treatments are usually treatments with removable appliances or simple non-extraction fixed treatments. The average duration of fixed orthodontic treatments is 1.5-2 years. Longer treatments are also possible. Generally, the duration of treatment is prolonged in individuals who have difficulties in using their appliances.
During orthodontic treatment, patients are followed up every 4-5 weeks with monthly controls. Necessary adjustments are made in the appliances and wires.

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