Acupuncture; It is a drug-free and side-effect treatment that enables the body to heal itself by activating the body’s inherent drug system (such as neurochemicals, enzymes, proteins, hormones, peptide-structured substances, etc.).

Acupuncture is curative in hundreds of diseases that can be treated with the body’s natural systems and neurochemicals. Such a treatment, unfortunately, is only referred to as weight treatment today and therefore its true value cannot be known. In its scientific report published years ago by World Health, the clinical effectiveness of acupuncture in the clinical treatment of hundreds of diseases accepted and started to be used in daily clinical practice.

Diseases that cause great difficulties in the treatment of acupuncture with drugs such as migraine, asthma and depression are among the diseases that cause acupuncture to integrate with modern medicine and gain worldwide fame. In the treatment of such serious and chronic diseases, acupuncture, which has mostly successful clinical results, should not be sacrificed for weight treatment. Considering that it is necessary to make an individual effort so that acupuncture, which is brought to the position of consumed treatment, is not consumed more in slimming; I have decided not to apply weight treatment anymore.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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