Transforaminal injection in herniated disc – point shot

In the joints called disc, which acts as a suspension between the body bones in the lumbar spine
such as aging, heavy lifting, genetic predisposition, etc. lumbar disc herniation, which is caused by deterioration
There are various treatment methods for hernia-related pain.
First of all, with medical treatment, various painkillers and muscle relaxants and injections from the hip relieve pain.
recommended to the patient. If the patient does not benefit from these treatments, there is a need for surgery.
may enter the process. If the herniated disc has not exceeded a certain size and the patient has sequelae, which we call neurological deficit.
If it did not occur, the patient should be examined with an imaging method called scopy before the surgery option.
Injection treatment with local anesthetic, spoken to the patient in operating room conditions
can be tried.
In this technique, according to the patient’s complaint, the right part of the diseased area, which we have determined under scopy, is right.
or left-hand mixture drug is injected. The drug given to this area, which we call the transforaminal area,
It reduces pain by providing relaxation in the spinal nerve, this method is called “point shooting” method among the people.
In this method, which is very comfortable, the patient is discharged on the same day.

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