Tooth Mobility

Diagnosis and Treatment
Continuous trauma due to chewing causes changes based on years in the tissues where the teeth are attached to the jawbone and causes increased play with the progression of an existing gingivitis.

In cases of progressive gingivitis, losses occur in the nutritive support tissues in the jaw bones. As a result, shifts in the teeth and mobility are observed, especially in lateral movements. This situation is manifested in patients as relaxation, a feeling of pressing on soft tissue such as a sponge, visual disturbances, slips and gaps in the teeth, ineffectiveness in chewing. Often there are abnormal excessive pressures on the teeth and in addition to this, there is bone loss due to advanced gingivitis.

If we wash your hand and put it horizontally on my teeth and open and close our mouth a few times, we may feel the excessive pressure on one or several teeth. If we feel this, we should contact a periodontist colleague who is an expert in this subject and get his support to resolve the problem in order to distribute and balance the pressure on the teeth we feel.

What can be done, excessive chewing pressure on the teeth can be removed, the inflammatory condition developed in the underlying tissues can be surgically removed. If necessary, the teeth can be connected to each other. When it comes to the fore in aesthetics, block aesthetic constructions can be made for the permanent solidarity of the teeth with each other.

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