tooth extraction, surgical extraction

The process of separating the tooth from its socket called the socket in the jawbone. tooth extractionand this process varies according to the difficulty of tooth extraction.

If the dentist acts carefully and obeys the rules, and the necessary precautions are taken to prevent the patient from feeling pain, there is nothing to be afraid of tooth extraction and the dentist.

Things to Consider After Tooth Extraction;

Do not rinse your mouth and do not spit

Do not smoke or quit during this time

The cotton pad (sterile gauze) placed on the extraction site should be pressed tightly for at least half an hour and bitten off, and should be changed in appropriate time periods (approximately 10 hours).

Antibiotics and painkillers can be taken against pain and abscesses according to the doctor’s prescription. The pain reaches its peak, especially as the numbness passes. This is normal, so it’s better to take a pain reliever 1 hour before the numbness goes away.

After the bleeding is over, gargling 5-10 times a day (salt water, medicated mouthwash) accelerates the recovery.

Surgical Shot

Surgical extraction is a technique used in the extraction of teeth that are not easily visible in the mouth, broken at the gingival margin or impacted. Abscess and cyst operations, tuber straightening, root resection, extraction of wisdom teeth and impacted teeth are included in surgical extraction.

Although it is a bit more difficult and takes a long time than normal tooth extraction, if the rules are followed and with the experience of the dentist, this difficult tooth extraction can be easily overcome, and if stitches are put in the end, the patient will not have any problems. Antibiotics and painkillers can be taken according to the doctor’s prescription.

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