Tooth extraction

Which patients should be careful in tooth extraction?

Heart patients should definitely inform the physician about the drugs they use and the type of disease before the shooting. Patients using anticoagulants (blood thinners) should take a break from the drug under the supervision of a specialist physician.

Patients with blood disease should definitely go to consultation and inform the dentist about their disease.

Patients taking nervous system regulating drugs should report the drugs they use because these drugs may reduce the effect of the anesthetic.

Diabetic patients should have their values ​​under control.

During pregnancy, the first and last three months are safe, however, consultation with an obstetrician is necessary.

In individuals with allergies, the patient should tell the doctor what they are allergic to. It should be tested whether the anesthetic substances to be used are allergens for the patient.

Blood pressure patients must have taken their medicines and must inform the physician about the medicines they are using. If the values ​​are normal, shooting can be done.

Are anesthetic agents used in tooth extraction harmful?

If the patient does not have a systemic disease, there is no harm.

What should be considered after tooth extraction?

The pad should remain in the shooting area for 20 minutes.

The tampon should not be renewed after removal.

It should not be spit out and the mouth should not be rinsed with water.

Very cold and very hot things should not be drunk

The wound area should not be played with the tongue.

No smoking

Bleeding may start again if the above recommendations are not followed.

There may be bleeding in the form of leakage for 4-6 hours.

If there is pain at the extraction site?

If a few days have passed after the extraction and the pain still persists, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

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