Tooth Caries and Tooth Discoloration

Do you think your teeth are decaying when you see discoloration, black-brown spots on your teeth? Is it right to call every coloration we see rotten?

Tooth decay is the oldest known dental disease in history. First, let’s talk about what dental caries is. The first stage of caries formation begins with the use of the sugary foods consumed by the acid-forming bacteria in the oral microflora. Bacteria digest these foods and produce acid. The structure of the tooth, which is vulnerable to these acid attacks, dissolves and caries occurs. White lesions, known as initial caries, can be stopped with the patient’s effective oral hygiene care and the dentist’s initial treatment, and can be stopped without the need for a treatment. However, it is stated that the teeth that have not been treated first, have started to rot, and that show itself with sensitivity and occasional pain, although not frequent, are getting worse, and the opened tooth surface progresses from the veins and nerves called the pulp of the tooth to the pulp layer and causes severe pain that can wake the patient from night sleep. known. Sometimes, depending on the patient’s pain threshold, even if the caries has progressed, it does not feel any pain, and the patient tries to determine whether there is caries in the tooth depending on the color change. Caries lesions that start as a white lesion may progress to yellow, brown and black discoloration. It is difficult to diagnose caries only with intraoral discoloration. Diagnosis should be made according to a professional examination and radiographs taken when necessary and according to the formation of cavitation. Then, the caries is cleaned and the lost tooth structure is completed with the filling material that the dentist deems appropriate.

If yellow, brown and black stains on the teeth do not cause cavitation, they may not require treatment. However, these discolorations may occur due to several reasons and should be followed. The drugs used, excessive consumption of tea, coffee and cigarette trio, consumption of acidic beverages such as cola and foods containing food coloring cause staining on the teeth. Depending on the oral microflora of the person, the high number of cariogenic bacteria causes black discoloration of the teeth. We see that individuals who see this coloration are worried about caries. Teeth staining can be easily cleaned with polishing processes. The coloration of the patient, who receives a good oral hygiene education, decreases with the ongoing mechanical cleaning at home and the regulated diet.

A dentist should be consulted in order to make a precise distinction between tooth decay or tooth discoloration. Thanks to the examinations carried out twice a year, you can prevent the progression of dental caries, and you can regain your own tooth color thanks to the professional cleaning of stained teeth.

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