Tooth abscess:

What causes a tooth abscess? :
Tooth abscess is an infection that occurs at the root of the tooth, in the gum or under the tooth. most common
Why is tooth decay? Other causes include gum disease and a tooth or gum injury.
observed after trauma. These reasons cause the enamel of the tooth to lose its permeability and
allows bacteria to descend into the inner layers (pulp). Ongoing infection of the tooth root
It can also spread to the supporting bones.
What are the symptoms of a tooth abscess:
Common symptoms of a dental abscess include gnawing or throbbing or sudden onset or pounding.
There is severe and persistent pain. Other symptoms can be listed as follows:
*pain while chewing
*sensitivity that increases in heat and gives a feeling of relief in cold
*bitter taste in the mouth
* halitosis
* swollen neck glands
*redness and swelling of the gums
* loosening of the tooth
If the tooth roots become necrosis as a result of infection, the pain may stop. However, this infection
does not mean that it has healed, the infection still remains active in that area and begins to spread to the tissue and
continues to destroy.
Treatment of dental abscesses:
The primary goal in dental abscesses is to temporarily eliminate the infection. Antibiotic
treatment is started and an effective pain reliever prescribed by the physician is used. Antibiotic
After completion, the patient comes back for control, the dentist performs tooth extraction or root canal treatment.
decides for. After the use of antibiotics, the pain will go away temporarily, but this infection
It doesn’t mean it’s completely gone. For this reason, to go to the doctor again after use and
treatment is right.
How to prevent tooth abscess:
* A healthy diet rich in caries, low in carbohydrates, rich in protein
*correct oral care; proper brushing, mouthwash and flossing
*protect the tooth from trauma; A blow to the mouth or a tooth creates trauma to the tooth, which results in an abscess.
may cause its formation. We should avoid behaviors that may cause trauma to the teeth.
trying to open packaging, falling while riding a bike without a helmet, getting a blow to the face)
* routine dental examinations

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