Tongue Tie / Ankyloglossia

Ankyloglossia (tongue tie or sublingual tie) is the short or thick connection between the tongue and the floor of the mouth (frenulum).
that is. This may lead to restriction of tongue movements. Restriction of tongue movements
It can affect speech and nutrition. However, it does not pose as much of a problem as it is thought.
A very small percentage of children need to intervene.

How Is It Evaluated If There Is A Sublingual Ties?
When evaluating the tongue tie, an evaluation can be made by looking at whether it crosses the lower lip level.
It is possible to do this test by licking ice cream (candy). If the tongue is not mobile enough in the mouth
Its effect is reduced in cleaning food residues and preventing tooth decay. In addition, bad breath and teeth
can cause cavities.

When Should Surgical Intervention Be Performed?
If the tongue tie is too short, surgical intervention is required. If there is no problem with the suction function 2
waiting for the age. If there is, the baby may not gain enough weight. In this case, other causes are also investigated.
If the reason is tongue tie, it is intervened. If there is no problem in feeding, speech function around 2 years old
is evaluated. If there is enough problem to affect his speech, he has difficulty in removing some letters
tongue tie is cut.

How Is Surgery Performed?
It is a simple procedure performed with local anesthesia. As the child grows, it is more convenient to do it with general anesthesia.
It is possible. No major complications.

What to Recommend to Families?

The most important issue is the evaluation of hearing functions in children with speech disorders.
is not to be forgotten. Without good hearing, there is no good speech. In many families, the sublingual bond is cut.
He thinks that a child who does not speak can speak. Or he hopes that the broken speech will be fixed. Tongue
The speech disorder that can be caused by the stenosis is only the difficulty of pronouncing some letters. However, speaking
Disorders are very diverse and therefore occur from different causes. Before this intervention
issues need to be explored.

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