Toilet habit in children

Families sometimes act hastily about giving toilet training, and sometimes they try to make a comparison by looking at the children in the environment and try to gain toilet habits. If the child has not reached sufficient maturity in toilet training, which is started by comparison, some problems may occur and the problem may reach different dimensions.

The first point to be considered about when to start toilet training is that the child has reached a certain level of perception and ability to control his muscles. If the child who will start toilet training can go to sleep after using the toilet at night and wake up dry at six in the morning, it means that he can control his muscles. Toilet training can also be started for a child who starts to show that he has a few words to express himself or that his toilet is coming.

In the beginning, the apparatus that is attached to the potty or closets instead of the toilet can be used for comfort and convenience. After the diaper is removed, the mother should try to take her child to the toilet every hour, and the child should be reminded from time to time whether he has a toilet or not. Giving toilet training by kneading with patience and love is very important for the personality development of the child. When the child says the toilet, it should be reinforced verbally or with a small reward from time to time, and punitive methods such as yelling and hitting should not be used for sudden reactions in the face of minor accidents that may occur. According to the psychoanalytic theory, toilet training coincides with a critical period in the child’s personality development, and the oppressive and rigid attitude of the parents during this period will cause the child to develop personality traits such as stinginess and perfectionism in the future. According to the theory, an excessively free and careless attitude displayed by the authority in this period suggests that the child will develop a wasteful and extravagant personality in the future.

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