Toilet Habit

What is a Toilet Habit?

It is the ability of the child to do it on his own when he comes to the toilet.

Is my child ready to develop toilet habits?

  • If between 1.5 and 5 years old

  • Can sit, squat or climb stairs

  • If he can open and close his pants

  • If he notices that his toilet is coming

  • Saying/talking that his toilet is coming

  • Wants to pee/poop in the toilet/potty

How to gain toilet habit?

  • First of all, are you ready as a parent?

  • be a role model

  • Do you want to pee/poop in the toilet/potty? When he says no, respect and wait. Ask again after 15 days. If you show respect, the child’s self develops and can manage itself.

  • Encourage and encourage toileting.

  • A strict education such as punishment should not be applied. Punishment will not work and will harm the process.

  • Do not diaper during the day. Try the training pants.

*Remember that some children can get used to going to the toilet in 2-3 days, and some children can get used to it in a few months. This is quite normal.

My child has learned to use the toilet. But what if it’s still leaking?

  • Keep track of the times to go to the toilet, remind them if they need it. Don’t be an Israeli.

  • Avoid hard-to-remove clothing.

  • Ignore the accidents. Let him change his wet, dirty laundry himself.

  • Drink water or juice 10-15 minutes before sitting down.

  • The child cannot be expected to use the toilet before regular pooping develops. Take notes for a week to identify these times. Sit on the regular toilet during these times.

  • Sometimes, if a traumatic situation has occurred, incontinence can be seen. New sibling, loss, moving, starting school etc. If this continues for a month, consult a therapist.

What if my child is constipated?

  • It can be caused by a health problem. Like a bowel problem. Contact the pediatrician.

  • The child may be forced to acquire toilet habits before they are ready.

  • He may not be drinking enough fluids.

  • He may be experiencing a traumatic situation. Divorce, loss, moving, new sibling etc. In this case, you can consult a therapist.

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