Today We Are Older Than Yesterday

What happened to our sympathetic elderly people, whom we used to take place on the buses until yesterday, who fill us with a little smile when they meet on the street, and listen to their stories of the old days like fairy tales, why did we go hunting on the street today? He started to chase the elderly with his camera that took the toy phone of the age in his hands. Social media was not enough, the hunt for the elderly turned into images that broke rating records even on national channels. I really wonder if no one thinks about their mood. Do we look at them from their perspective and empathize with their feelings? However, we are not aware of the fact that we are getting older every day compared to the previous day. How are the human life stages ordered? We are born, we need care and we do not have the skills to live on our own, we live, become independent and grow old, we become needy again, the life curve starts from zero, after reaching the upper line, it goes down to zero again and when it comes to the zero point, it becomes the end of the beginning. This time, it is different from infancy and childhood, with all that experience, one knows that the end is near. After the life cycle goes down, mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and advanced age depression, as well as the increase in physical symptoms such as joint diseases that limit physical mobility, language-speech and visual disorders may cause negative emotional states such as worthlessness, self-pity or intolerance to pity. These experiences and knowing that the end is coming shape the reactions of our elders.

Some of them have suffered throughout their lives, worked, suffered from poverty, maybe lived and lost, and they are storming with the loneliness and rebellion of having lost so many friends. But what we are doing, without understanding or trying to understand, we take away the last trump card, “respect”, perhaps at the end of a whole experience, in order to get a like on social media.

We are also a young generation who knows a lot, we say, uncle, for your good, and we scold and humiliate you. We forget that that uncle was once the teacher of you, perhaps even of your father who raised you. Now we’re blaming him, isn’t he thinking about the position he had in the past?

We say to our old man, who knows that he is nearing the end of his life, you will die, we say there is a virus. He may already be waiting for death. If we could really explain his values ​​in line with his values ​​by taking into account his life, without losing respect, without forgetting his sensitivities, without ignoring the possibility of his diseases…

Of course, we must first learn to listen. One of the biggest problems we face as a society is that we are not able to communicate. For correct communication, we must first be able to listen. Is listening enough? In fact, there is no point in listening alone. If we do not understand what we are listening to, we will not be listening. We listen not to understand but to criticize, which means there is no real listening. We need a healthy communication in this period when our health is in danger. You may not be taking life seriously because you don’t listen to the fact that life should be taken seriously, but there are people around you who have listened who take life seriously.

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