To discover your own limits…

Conditions such as phobias brought by modern life, familial-personal problems, increasing problems in the consumer society, negative social conditions, traffic-parking problems, air and noise pollution are the factors that we often observe negatively affect human psychology.

Under these conditions, people tend to make choices that will endanger their health in order to improve themselves, so research supports the increase in alcohol, substance and cigarette use.

Studies show that the development of addictions, which provide relief in the short term but cause problems in the long term, increases the problems of mood disorders and interpersonal communication, especially the problems related to anger management.

It is extremely important for people to cope with situations that negatively affect their psychology and to develop skills to manage this situation.

It is an important development that the prejudices regarding the idea of ​​’going to a psychologist’ have started to decrease in our society.

It is clear that economic conditions, age, gender, education, attitudes of the person and the immediate environment, receiving psychological support are quite effective on the attitude and behavior.

Support is a functional tool for self-knowledge and managing the situations in which the person has difficulty, as well as discovering their own limits.

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