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Pratfall effect

The desire to be perfect is the plague of mankind today. It knows neither race nor gender. Observable at any age. Even though it is in our nature, the desire to be liked and appreciated is far above normal.

This is not a problem that anyone has acquired alone. The transfer of people who are supposed to be experts, or the knowledge of being happy, being perfect, being the best of everything, which is falsely misunderstood and transferred from real experts. as it stands We have come to think that we are trapped in what elalem says, shoulder the burden of I have to do, and feel disgraced when we make a mistake.

Perfect mom, perfect dad, perfect kid. The state of being always happy. Examples such as no errors, no vulnerabilities go on and on. I have written a detailed article about it before, there will surely be those who remember.

Pratfall Effect It is in this very topic. A study is being conducted at the University of California, with which Psychologist Elliot Aronson concludes; People who make mistakes or show clumsiness are found more lovable and sincere by the people in front of them.Because the understanding of perfection creates the perception of distance and inaccessibility.

The error is specific to the creature. If we start from the saying that there is no faultless servant, thinking of someone perfectly and without mistakes will be enough to irritate the other person. When we turn the mirror to ourselves, trying hard not to make mistakes, trying to prove ourselves to others, always feeling obliged to be happy, and making extra efforts to be happy, competing with others to say that I am the best of everything, and many other examples, how much does it even sound like? it’s hard to see?

Face your mistakes, make peace. Let your mistakes be the light of the future, not the regret of the past.

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