Tips to avoid pollen allergy!

The pollen that turns the spring months into a nightmare for people with pollen allergy are the male seeds of the plants. Pollen can be carried by the wind for miles and can cause allergies even in people who are miles away from the plant. Tree pollen, meadow grass pollen, grain-cereal-grain pollen and weed pollen cause complaints in different periods. The earliest tree pollens appear between January and March, then grass pollens between April and May, grain pollens between May and June, and weed pollens between September and October last. The precautions to be taken are only taken during the pollen season. Pollen season starts in April in our country, peaks in May and decreases in June. (Recently, with the effect of global warming, the pollen season has started to shift to March and even to the end of February)

The amount of pollen in the air is usually higher in the morning hours. Again, on hot and windy days, pollen spread increases. On rainy days, the amount of pollen flying in the air decreases. Pollen is difficult to avoid. For this, some measures to be taken can reduce the amount of pollen that a person is exposed to.

What Should Allergy Patients Pay Attention to During Pollen Season?

Windows of cars and houses should be kept closed.

It is not right to work or do sports in the open air during the pollen season.

Picnics should be avoided.

Windows should be kept closed from midnight to morning. Because the pollen starts flying especially at sunrise.

The house should be ventilated in the afternoon, as pollens are mostly spread between 05:00 and 10:00 in the morning. Better still, an air conditioner with a pollen filter should be used if possible.

These patients should not be outdoors as much as possible. Even if it will be outdoors, it should not prefer green and wooded places.

When he goes out, he should use a mask if he can.

Sunglasses that also cover the side of the eyes when going out can be helpful.

When coming home from outside, the patient should take a shower immediately and change clothes. Washing the hair is also beneficial in terms of cleaning the adhered pollen.

Clothes worn daily should be taken out in a room other than the bedroom and should not be kept in the bedroom.

The windows and ventilation of the vehicle should not be kept open while driving.

exp. Dr. Sevin Karalar

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