Tips for Sacrifice Meat

Eid-al-Adha is approaching. Preparations have already begun for the families who will sacrifice. On the one hand, while offerings are being prepared for the guests, on the other hand, preparations are being made for cutting and chopping the meat of the sacrifice. In this process, there are certain criteria that should be considered and that, if missed, can reach dimensions that will affect our health.

Points to consider when choosing a victim:

  • Take care to buy your victim under veterinary control.

  • If you choose your sacrifice yourself, make sure it is healthy and clean. When you consume the meat of disease-carrying animals, you will encounter serious health problems.

  • Make sure your qurban is slaughtered in clean and hygienic conditions.

While cutting and chopping the meat of the victim:

  • Let your cutting knife and cutting board be specific to the process. Do not chop vegetables with the knife and board that you chop the meat with.

  • Separate the visible fat while chopping your meat.

  • Take care to thoroughly clean the victim’s nerve.

  • Separate the internal organs of the animal, which we call offal, thoroughly.

  • The first time it is cut in the meat of the sacrifice, there is a process called death stiffness. While the digestion of the waiting meat takes 4 hours, the digestion of the sacrificial meat when it is first cut takes about 8 hours. It will be hard and less flavorful. For this reason, rest your meat in the refrigerator for 1 day.

Conditions for storing the meat of the sacrifice: 

  • There is no harm in dividing your qurban meat into portions after it is slaughtered. Only on the meat you keep outside, harmful bacteria begin to grow with the effect of temperature. For this reason, do this very quickly in a cold environment.

  • Divide your sacrificial meat, which is cut into pieces, into small portions and separate them as a meal.

  • Consume each piece you keep in the refrigerator within 2-3 days. The waiting period for minced meat should not exceed 2 days.

  • Take care to consume the meat that you will store in the freezer at -2 degrees within 2-3 weeks. Consume the meat you will store in deep freezers within 3 months.

  • When thawing your frozen meats, thaw them under running water, in the microwave or in the refrigerator.

  • Meat that is tried to be thawed on the heater, on the stove or at room temperature poses a health risk. It causes food poisoning.

  • Do not refreeze thawed meat. Bacterial growth occurs in the meat that you do not cook and refreeze, causing poisoning.

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