What is tinnitus?

tinnitusmost often tinnitus It is expressed as “. It can be defined as the sound felt in the ear without any external sound stimulus. The sound that the individual feels can be loud or light, high or low, in one or both ears. According to the sound buzzing, zing, noise, sizzle, buzz can also be described by patients. It is known that one out of every three to ten people complains of tinnitus at some point in their life.

What are the causes of tinnitus?

Tinnitus is not a disease in itself, but a symptom that can be caused by many different causes. It can be an indication of a problem elsewhere in the hearing system. The parts of the auditory system are the outer, middle and inner ear; can be defined as auditory nerve, brain stem and brain. The reason is in the outer ear canal. darkened earwax( ear wax, plug) as simple as, or tumors of the auditory nerve can be as complex. Tinnitus is common in some clinical situations. These include hearing loss, ear – nose – nasal – sinus diseases, cardiovascular diseases, inner ear and brain tumors, thyroid gland diseases, hormonal changes and Menierediseases such as

Some individuals may first notice their hearing loss with tinnitus. The incidence of tinnitus is also higher in the elderly, where hearing loss is more common. It is known that many drugs cause tinnitus secondary to both their effects on the inner ear and their effects on the cardiovascular system. Since drug use rates are higher in the elderly, this increases the frequency of tinnitus.

above a certain level prolonged exposure to noise(such as working for a long time in noisy workplaces) or being suddenly exposed to very loud noise at once ( weaponthrown out or explosion etc.) can cause hearing loss. This is because noise damages the sensory cells in the inner ear. Noise-induced hearing lossTinnitus is a common symptom in individuals with

In addition to the tinnitus that individuals only notice, in rare patients, the voice felt by the individual can also be heard by others. to this situation objective tinnitus is named. Causes are usually related to muscle or vascular diseases.

Although there are dozens of different causes of tinnitus, only a few examples of which we have described above, a cause of tinnitus cannot be found in most patients. According to the severity, duration, highness or lowness of the tinnitus, no idea can be obtained whether it is caused by a serious illness or not. Tinnitus is rarely caused by a life-threatening cause.

Tinnitus can reduce the quality of life of individuals. Caring too much can lead to burnout, depression, anxiety and panic attacks in the individual. Some individuals with tinnitus may have difficulty hearing, concentrating on their work, and sleeping.

What should an individual with tinnitus do?

It would be appropriate for an individual with tinnitus to first be examined by an Ear Nose and Throat Diseases specialist. In this way, it is quickly determined whether there are some tinnitus causes that can be easily diagnosed only by examination, such as earwax, external ear infection, otitis media, perforation of the eardrum. The questions your doctor will ask you about your general health, the drugs you use and your habits will also give you an idea about many tinnitus causes. By performing a complete otolaryngology and head and neck examination, all possible causes that may arise from the nose, nasal passages, sinuses, mouth, pharynx, and larynx can be reviewed. Hearing tests that can be done if needed after the examination will also guide the cause of tinnitus.

Can tinnitus be treated?

As we mentioned above, tinnitus is not a disease by itself. It is a common symptom that can occur for many different reasons. In most patients, a specific cause can be identified. In this way, the treatment of this cause (to be done in external ear canal inflammation) medicationor in chronic otitis media surgical treatment etc.) and tinnitus will also be treated. In individuals who do not have any tinnitus cause, many individuals can cope better with tinnitus by using the following methods alone or using more than one method together.

Medicines:The use of drugs from many different groups, which increase the blood supply of the inner ear, reduce muscle spasms, change the perception of the individual on a certain problem, and reduce anxiety and depression, can be beneficial in dealing with tinnitus.

Hearing aids:They provide significant benefits in the treatment of tinnitus associated with hearing loss.

Audio sources used with headphones:Listening to some sounds that suppress or change the tinnitus sound with headphones can provide relief from tinnitus.

Remote audio sources: Different sounds or sound-producing devices or programs can suppress the tinnitus sound or make it easier to accept. In this way, relaxation and easier falling asleep can be achieved.

Although these approaches are the basic methods used for tinnitus, herbal treatments, magnetic wave application, laserapplication, biofeedbackMany different methods such as tinnitus sound matching and adaptation, lifestyle changes can be used as an alternative in the treatment of tinnitus.

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