Tighter Skin with Fractional Radiofrequency (Golden Needle) Application

Fractional radiofrequency, ‘ ‘golden needle’It is also known as a skin rejuvenation method.

Gold needles apply radio frequency energies under your skin at a micro level, allowing you to have a tighter and younger skin. Apart from the loose and wrinkled areas of your skin, you can also apply for acne and skin blemishes.

With this method, the needles increase the temperature up to 60 degrees with the radiofrequency waves they transmit under the skin. Radiofrequency energy directly reaches the area where collagen is produced, as there is no damage to your skin surface. Thus, a natural wound healing process begins. At the end of this process, your skin renews and repairs itself.

Fractional radiofrequency (Golden Needle )It combines mesotherapy, fractional laser and radiofrequency technology in one device.

In this system, which can be applied in the polyclinic environment, personalized disposable needles are used. Thus, one of the most important conditions for your hygiene and health is provided.

The golden needle method can be applied in all seasons. The golden needle method also distinguishes itself from other methods by not creating a defect in your expression.

Usage areas

  • acne scars
  • wrinkle treatment
  • Shrinking the pores in the skin
  • spot treatment
  • Ensuring skin tightness
  • scar treatment
  • Treatment of skin cracks

Points to be considered

Before the application, a special skin care is applied to soften your skin and minimize pain.
Application average 30-40 minutes in progress. This period can be extended or shortened as your specialist doctor deems appropriate.
First 5-6 hoursyour skin will become red.

following 24 – 72 hoursIn between, the redness passes and begins to turn pink.

Moisturizing creams and sunscreen recommended by your specialist doctor should be used after the procedure..

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