Thyroid Ultrasound

The imaging method in which sound waves are used to detect the structure of the thyroid gland in the neck, its abnormalities, whether there is a goiter, whether there are nodules, is called “thyroid ultrasound”.

Generally, if a mass is detected in the thyroid gland during physical examination, a kind of picture of the thyroid gland and surrounding tissue is taken in the desired thyroid ultrasound.

What is ultrasound?The process of taking a picture of the tissue or organs in the body with sound waves is called “ultrasound”. Sound waves are sent to the body from a head (probe) moved on the skin lubricated with the help of the applied gel. The return of the sound waves from the examined organ or tissue is captured by the device and converted into an image. Since the simultaneous image is taken during the operation, information about the movements of the organ and blood circulation is also obtained.

What is a thyroid ultrasound?

Thyroid ultrasound is a method that provides information about the thyroid gland and surrounding tissue in the neck, on the following issues:


-Investigation of the presence of nodules in addition to the nodules detected by hand,

– Detection of an enlargement or nodule in the thyroid gland in the thyroid gland examination,

-Determining whether the detected mass belongs to the thyroid gland or the surrounding tissue,

-Detection of the feature of the nodule, whether there is liquid in the sample,

– Thyroid ultrasound is performed to determine whether the previously detected thyroid nodules are enlarged.

In addition, ultrasound guided biopsy can be performed on the nodule detected in the thyroid.

How is a thyroid ultrasound done?

During the thyroid ultrasound procedure, you will be asked to remove your clothes. You may be given an apron to wear.

You will be asked to lie on your back on the table where the thyroid ultrasound will be performed.

A gel is applied to the neck area where the thyroid gland is located, allowing the ultrasound probe to slide freely. At the same time, sound waves are sent more easily in this way.

An image of the thyroid gland is tried to be taken by making up and down movements on the skin. The obtained images are recorded and the information about the thyroid gland is turned into a report.

The thyroid ultrasound report written by the radiologist is sent to your doctor.

How long does a thyroid ultrasound take?

Thyroid ultrasound takes about 15-20 minutes. You can return to daily activities after thyroid ultrasound.

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