Thread Face Lift

In the face-lift technique we apply in our clinic; 100% bio-organic threads inserted into the skin with thin cannulas; When the cannulas are gently withdrawn, they remain in the skin and completely dissolve into the skin in a period of two months.

The application is performed on the points where the skin sagging and loosening, and your skin tightens and recovers without the need for surgery. During the 6-month period, your skin; It tightens and strengthens in the areas where the threads melt and produces dense collagen, and this effect lasts for another 2.5 years. With the bio-organic threadlifting technique; Thanks to the collagen bands produced by the skin, it lifts your skin just like the columns carry the walls.

Expert Dr Aslıhan Güven’s In other words, we call it “Earthquake reinforcement”. With this application, you can capture your youth days without any loss of facial expressions, without filling, without surgery and naturally. Frequent botox and frequent filling applications are shelved with this technique, and we also have the chance to renew the threads every 2.5 years.

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