Thought (reflection of the external universe to the mind)


After an event, you have had the opportunity to experience or observe that not everyone has the same thought. If we classify these contradictory thought contents as positive and negative, we will not do anything wrong. As a result of the researches, it has been determined that people are prone to negative thinking. About 60,000 thoughts pass through our minds a day. And eighty percent of these thoughts are negative thoughts, and twenty percent of them are positive thoughts. We don’t just think about situations that have meaning to us and that we care about. We develop a thought for everything we perceive with our sense organs. If this process is important for the person, it continues to produce positive or negative thought content. Thought comes and goes if it is unimportant.

Thoughts cover a larger part of our lives than we think. A person’s mentality affects his perspective on the future, his physical health, that is, his quality of life.

While I don’t want to say that you remove all negative thoughts from your life, I would like to mention that this is not possible. Every person experiences events in his life that will really generate negative thoughts for him. It is natural to think negatively for the moment. However, there are moments when you replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, and the course of the event and its psychological return are more constructive. It would be better if the address of the exchange changed exactly.

Every thought has an individual experience. And the more we experience something, the easier it is to accept it and live as a part of ourselves. At this point, you can turn your life into a positive direction with colorful connections by thinking positively instead of making the connections in your life black by experiencing negative thoughts. In this way, negative thought connections will not disturb you in so many colors.

In order to make colorful connections…

It can be difficult to look objectively at negative thinking that is used for a long time. They can make deep connections with emotions and be stubborn. But we know that if we deal with thoughts, they change, so as long as the person is more stubborn and stable, results will be obtained. This can be a somewhat challenging and time-consuming process.

The most important thing is that on the way that you will bring positive thoughts into your life permanently, kindness to yourself and accepting and loving all thoughts no matter what will be the first and most important move you have made for change.

In order to question the black connections…

*Is this thought true? What are the things that prove this?

*What would you think if someone else was in this situation?

*What would I say to a friend of mine if he had experienced this situation?

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