Those with diabetes should have an eye examination without waiting for any visual complaints to occur.

Those with diabetes should have an eye examination without waiting for any visual complaints to occur. Uncontrolled blood sugar in a diabetic can cause irreversible damage to his eyesight.

QUESTION: How does diabetes affect the eyes?

ANSWER: Diabetes can affect all anterior and posterior structures of the eye. This effect starts with the change in number, it can cause cataract formation, bleeding and congestion behind the eye. Sugar must be taken into account. Because in the future, it can lead to permanent vision loss and blindness.

QUESTION:-Should diabetic patients wait to experience vision complaints for eye examination?

ANSWER: It should not wait. Immediately after the diagnosis of diabetes, patients should be informed by their internal medicine doctors and seen by an ophthalmologist.

QUESTION: Do you recommend regular follow-up?

ANSWER: Even if there is no problem, we recommend regular follow-up every 6 months. The internal medicine doctor tells them to apply to the ophthalmologist once, after that it is the patient’s own responsibility.

QUESTION: How is the eye examination of diabetic patients done?

ANSWER: Drip inspection is performed. So it’s not an eyeglass examination. Of course, there will be a spectacle examination, but the drop examination is very important to us. There are some conditions we want from our patients for drip examination. For example, they should not come to the examination by car. This is an important detail, because they cannot drive for several hours after the drip test. We advise our patients not to come alone. The process takes about 45 minutes. Because there is a waiting period after dripping the drop. It is not a special form of examination, but then there may be difficulties in driving and problems in reading closely. For example, our working patients may have difficulty working for a few hours in the afternoon when they come for the examination in the morning. Do not be afraid of this, this is the temporary effect of the drop.

QUESTION:-How much sugar does it pose a threat to the eyes?

ANSWER: After being diagnosed with diabetes, we have to know that our eyes are under threat.

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