Those at Risk of Heart Attack

A heart attack occurs when the vessels feeding the heart are suddenly blocked, and the heart muscle cannot receive enough oxygen. Heart attack, which can manifest itself with complaints such as chest pain, shortness of breath, palpitations, nausea and fainting, may sometimes give no symptoms. The pain may radiate from the chest to the left arm, back, and jaw. Especially if a person with heart attack risk factors experiences pain in the form of burning, squeezing or pressure that starts in the middle of the chest and spreads to the left arm after exertion, he should apply to the nearest health institution. So what are the risk factors for this heart attack, let’s see:

Presence of a person or people who have had a heart attack in the family… Genetic predisposition is important in a heart attack. If there is someone in your family who has had a heart attack in the past, your risk increases. The risk is higher if this person has had a heart attack at an early age.

Age… The risk of heart attack increases with age. Postmenopausal risk for women is the same as for men. However, the incidence of heart attacks in young people, especially in women due to smoking, is quite high.

Diabetes… Diabetes increases the risk of coronary artery disease so much that preventive medicine practices for individuals with diabetes today are the same as coronary artery disease. In other words, an individual with diabetes is considered as having coronary artery disease.

Hypertension…High blood pressure triggers both sudden heart attacks and the progression of coronary artery disease.

High cholesterol… Regardless of what is written in the media, cholesterol level disorders, especially high LDL cholesterol, which is bad cholesterol, cause coronary artery disease. Treatment is not always medication. However, once you have a heart attack, it is mandatory to start the drugs and use them continuously. This is a scientific result obtained through studies involving hundreds of thousands of patients.


Smoking… Smoking is responsible for the formation of many diseases. First of all, the heart is one of the organs that it affects. It accelerates the clogging of blood vessels and increases the risk of heart attack. It also disrupts the effects of heart protective drugs in the body.

Stress… One of the most important factors in decreasing the age of heart attack is stress. Financial troubles, urban chaos, problems in business life can trigger stress and heart attack.

A sedentary life… A sedentary life is one of the bad habits that modern times have given us. The fact that everything is getting easier now makes us clumsy and prevents us from acting. However, one of the most important causes of heart attack is not doing sports. Making movement a philosophy of life and doing regular sports will protect us from heart attacks.

Eating unhealthy… Those who eat unhealthy are at risk of heart attack! You should pay attention to consuming foods low in saturated fatty acids and to a vegetable-based diet.

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