1-What is Aesthetic Breast Augmentation?

It is a procedure that is applied to normalize underdeveloped or small breasts or to make them more attractive and is generally performed with silicone prosthesis. Silicone prostheses have a structure that is slightly hard in the form of a membrane on the outside and filled with gel-like silicone or salt water. In our country and in Europe, plastic surgeons generally prefer silicone gel prostheses. This is because they excel at getting breasts that have a natural touch and look. At the same time, the risk of leakage is very low, as it is filled with gel, not salt water. However, the patient and the plastic surgeon should decide together which type of prosthesis will be used. After these prostheses of various qualities, shapes and projections are fitted with a short surgery, you can go home the same day or the next day, and return to your normal activities within 4-5 days. Except for walking, it is recommended to stay away from sports or similar activities for 4 weeks, especially in which the arms are used. It would not be wrong to say that it is the aesthetic procedure with the highest satisfaction rate and degree.

2-Does silicone breast prosthesis cause cancer?

We do not have any data that it has proven to cause cancer so far. In America, one out of every 100 women has a silicone prosthesis, this is about 3 million women with silicone prosthesis, and we can say that it does not cause cancer.

3-Does milk cause problems in breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is not an operation. It does not interfere with diagnostic tests such as mammography and breast ultrasonography. It can stay for life. It can be completely removed or replaced with a new one when desired.

4-Who can be done?

It wouldn’t be wrong if it is said to everyone who wants it ☺ , Those who have completed puberty, have congenital or acquired breast smallness, want to increase their normal breast size, and have no objection to undergoing surgery are suitable candidates for breast augmentation surgery..

5-Should the silicone be placed under the muscle or over the muscle?

If the patient is very weak – if the patient’s ribs are visible from the upper part of the breast – the preference should be in the submuscular direction, since the prosthesis will be better hidden under the muscle. However, if the fullness of the patient’s upper edge of the breast is sufficient, both application sites are suitable. In the appropriate patient group, the upper part of the prosthesis is placed under the muscle and the lower part is placed on the muscle. This is called dual-plan placement.

6- Should the silicone prosthesis be in the form of drops (anatomical) or round (round)? Or should it be chipped?

The most important determining point in making this decision is the shape of the breast and the fullness of the upper part of the breast. Both prosthesis preferences give the desired results in a drop-shaped breast with sufficient upper part fullness. The choice of a drop-shaped prosthesis will be correct for the round shaped breast where the fullness of the upper part of the breast is low. A third type of prosthesis that we started to use in Turkey about 1 year ago; It is a prosthesis with a chip

7- Should the prosthesis be rough or flat?

According to the researches, it has been determined that rough prostheses give better results in front of the muscle, that is, under the breast, and smooth-surfaced prostheses give better results under the muscle. If a rough prosthesis is thought to be chosen in the weak patient, a double-planar should be placed.

8-Will there be any scars after this surgery?

There are 2 places we use most frequently to place the prosthesis. These; It is the line where the nipple (the junction of the colored area of ​​the nipple with the breast skin) and the lower edge of the breast meet the body. The surgical scar is a scar of 4-5 cm and it is very difficult to notice due to the application areas. Apart from these places, there are also application areas such as armpits and belly button. These entry sites are generally not preferred by plastic surgeons.

9-Can breast augmentation be done with fat injection?

Yes, it can be done, but there are still a few problems to overcome. The last point reached in breast augmentation is breast augmentation with adipose tissue rich in stem cells. Silicone prostheses are still the most frequently preferred method in breast augmentation in the world. However, patients who do not want to carry foreign matter, who are afraid of complications, who are afraid of surgery and who seek natural methods do not prefer prosthesis surgery. But the real fear of doing this procedure is the possible problems in oncological follow-up.

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