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TubeThings to know about the baby

Statereport for assistance

A health report (with 3 signatures) can be obtained from the state for IVF. It is sufficient to apply to the centers that have the authority to issue this report. Your doctor should determine that in vitro fertilization is necessary for the report to be issued. Also, in order to get help from the state:

  • Female age should be between 23-39 years old. If it takes more than 40 years, the report cannot be issued.
  • Even if the report is issued by obstetricians and gynecologists, the man may need to be seen by a urologist.
  • If a report will be issued due to unexplained infertility, the official marriage period of 3 years must be completed. 3 years of marriage is not required for other reasons.
  • It is necessary that there are no healthy children registered in the population of the woman or man.
  • It is necessary to have paid premiums for at least 5 years (albeit intermittently accepted) and to have paid premiums for more than 900 days in total for those with Pension Fund, BAĞ-KUR and SSK (with SGK).
  • Must have been working for the last 90 days.
  • There is no time limit for the green card.
  • The state currently pays for IVF twice.

TubeHow many days does the baby treatment take?

Although IVF treatment varies according to the ovarian stimulation scheme applied to you, it is a treatment that usually lasts between 10-15 days. During this treatment, you need to come to the IVF center at different intervals. It is enough for the male to come for only 1 day (on the day of egg collection, he comes in the morning to give sperm).

At hospitalDo you need to sleep?

You do not need to be hospitalized at any stage.

Cigaret,alcohol, nutrition

If you are a smoker before IVF treatment, quit, do not drink alcohol.
If your partner used to smoke before IVF, they should quit smoking 70 days before.
Excess weight negatively affects the pregnancy rate in IVF treatment. Therefore, if possible, lose weight before IVF treatment.
Coffee should not be consumed during IVF treatment.

TubeWhy is baby treatment cancelled?

If there is not enough ovarian response after starting IVF treatment, if your blood estradiol levels drop suddenly, egg stimulation can be canceled by your doctor. If no sperm is found from your partner (Azospermia patients), if there is no egg or egg suitable for fertilization in egg collection, if fertilization has not occurred, the treatment can be canceled. Also, if your eggs are overstimulated, fertilized embryos can be frozen and the treatment cancelled.

Accompanimentgynecological problems and IVF success

  • If there is swelling in the tubes (hydrosalpinx), the swollen tube or tubes should be removed laparoscopically before IVF. If it cannot be removed, the relationship with the uterus should be cut laparoscopically. Removing the swollen tube or tubes increases the pregnancy rate and reduces the ectopic pregnancy rate.
  • If there is a chocolate cyst over 4 cm in the ovaries before IVF, this cyst should be removed laparoscopically. If it is under 4 cm, there is no need to remove it.
  • If there is a chocolate cyst less than 4 cm before IVF, aspiration of this cyst with a needle before the procedure is not recommended because it increases the infection rate.
  • It is recommended that non-functional cysts larger than 1 cm (estradiol below 60 pg/ml, endometrial thickness below 5 mm) be aspirated with a needle before IVF.
  • The presence of polycystic ovary disease is not negative but positive for IVF. In a study we conducted, we found that the rate of IVF pregnancy was higher in women with polycystic ovarian disease than in the control group. We presented this study to the world in 2005 in the “Fertility and Sterile” magazine, one of the most respected infertility magazines in the world. This work can be found among my academic publications.

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