Things to Know About Genital Aesthetics

Genital plastic surgery is one of the operations that can be safely performed on all women who are married, single, have given birth or not, virgin or non-virgin. The genital organs mature and complete their development around the age of 20. For this reason, genital plastic surgeries should not be performed before the age of 20. It can be done at any age after the age of 20, there is no upper age limit. It can be done whenever a woman needs it. Genital aesthetic surgeries can be performed in the same session as other surgeries.

There is no harm in performing labiaplasty (lip reduction) surgeries on virgins. Usually, asymmetry can be seen in young girls. Since the hymen is 3-4 cm inside the inner lips, the surgery never harms the hymen. It does not prevent the woman from getting pregnant or giving birth normally. Vaginal tightening surgeries can be performed on women who have given birth or not, to increase sexual pleasure.

It is recommended to give birth by cesarean section to expectant mothers who have had vaginal tightening surgery before. In people who have had a normal delivery, the vagina may expand again, and a second surgery is needed. Therefore, normal delivery is not recommended. It is known that the self-confidence of women who have had genital plastic surgery increases, there is an increase in pleasure from the relationship because they are more comfortable in the relationship, and while the number of orgasms increases in parallel, they have an easier orgasm.

Since self-dissolving sutures are used in the surgeries, there is no scar after the surgery. No need for stitches. No one will know you had surgery unless you tell them. This type of surgery does not carry any risk in terms of getting pregnant or giving birth. Bleeding, infection or edema, which can be encountered in every surgical operation, may also occur in these operations. However, it is extremely rare if attention is paid to hygiene and necessary care is taken. Since the wound healing will take 4-6 weeks, it is recommended that you have genital plastic surgery 2 months before you get married so that there is no scar and it is not understood that you have had surgery. Sexual intercourse is restricted until your wound healing is complete. This is about 40 days.

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