Things to Know About Dental Implants

  1. With implant treatments, it is aimed to restore both aesthetic and chewing function.

  2. Implants act as artificial tooth roots. In case of missing teeth, they are placed in the bone and allow us to put porcelain teeth on it.

  3. When done correctly, the success of dental implants is 95-98%.

  4. Dental implants are materials made of titanium that are compatible with bone and gingiva. They are non-toxic and non-allergenic. They have the property of fusing with bone.

  5. Dental implants are made for you to use for a lifetime. Daily oral care should be done well (brushing teeth twice a day, floss, mouthwash and mouthwash) and regular check-ups should be made to the doctor (1 in 6 months) If oral care is neglected, there may be bone loss around the implants and the implant may fall out.

  6. Smoking directly affects the success of the implant. It increases the risk of infection around the implant 2-3 times, especially in the early period. It also prevents the implant from joining the bone. It is recommended not to smoke in implant treatments.

  7. Implant treatment can be applied to patients of all ages who are over the age of 18 and do not have a disease that would prevent surgery (for example, tooth extraction). If the patient has certain diseases and medications, treatment can be done by consulting the relevant medical doctor.

  8. Implants can be applied in single or multiple tooth deficiencies or in patients with no teeth.

  9. Implant treatments protect the lateral teeth, the teeth in front and behind the cavity do not need to be cut and reduced.

  10. Even if there are no teeth in your mouth, a fixed treatment is provided with implants, it will be like your own tooth. In other words, you do not need to remove the prosthesis in your mouth at night and put it in water.

  11. Since local anesthesia is applied during the procedure, pain is not felt. Afterwards, your pain can be easily controlled with painkillers.

  12. Before implant treatments, dental tomography should be taken and the width and height of the jawbone should be evaluated. Thus, the length-diameter of the implant to be applied and whether bone leverage is required can be determined.

  13. In cases where the bone volume is sufficient, implant application can be applied quite simply and comfortably, with or without sutures.

  14. In some cases, implants can be applied at the same time as tooth extraction. Thus, both time is saved and the problem can be solved with a single surgery.

  15. If the bone volume is insufficient, the volume can be increased with various bone powder treatments. Your doctor will decide on the most accurate method as a result of intraoral examination and tomography evaluation.

  16. Bone volume augmentation can be in both horizontal and vertical directions with bone powder and bone membrane. Especially with the early loss of the upper posterior teeth, the sinus droops and the bone height decreases. In this case, open sinus lift (sinus lifting operation) is performed, bone powder is placed and the volume to be implanted is obtained.

  17. Treatment success can be increased by applying PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) treatments in bone powder procedures. PRF is a growth factor-rich clot obtained by centrifuging your own blood. It plays a supportive role especially in bone powder treatments and increases the healing potential.

  18. In implant treatments, waiting times for the implant to fuse to the bone vary. Under normal conditions, the bone is expected to boil for 2-3 months and then a permanent coating is placed on it. In some cases, if the dentist deems it appropriate, a temporary fixed tooth can be placed on it as soon as the implant is placed. If bone powder applications have been made, the waiting period can be up to 6 months.

  19. In patients who have lost all their teeth, fixed teeth can be made with 4, 6 or 8 implants for each jaw. If the bone has melted especially in the lower jaw and only 2 implants can be placed, a removable prosthesis with support from 2 implants can also be made.

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