Things to consider when doing housework during pregnancy


If you are pregnant, you should try to take every precaution you can to protect your baby’s health while doing household chores such as resting, exercising, eating healthy foods, and avoiding alcohol.

Since situations such as sudden blood pressure or sugar drop can be encountered frequently during pregnancy, behaviors such as doing work by crouching for a long time during house cleaning, cleaning by climbing up a chair or stairs, reaching out to wipe the outer window glasses are very risky behaviors. Again, using great effort to lift heavy items such as chairs, armchairs, and carpets alone during house cleaning should be avoided as it may cause back and groin pain in pregnant women.

The chemicals you use in household cleaning can be toxic to your unborn baby. Chemicals that cause birth defects are called “teratogens”. Although many women know that illegal drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and some prescription drugs are teratogenic, they do not know the teratogenic effects of chemicals used in daily life such as bleach, dyes, paint removers, oven cleaner, wood cleaner on their unborn babies. For this reason, we recommend that pregnant women avoid chemicals used in household cleaning. Since there are no scientific studies on the harmful effects of household chemicals on the unborn baby, the effects of these chemicals on your baby’s health are not clear. In any case, such potentially toxic substances should be used in house cleaning under normal conditions, and one should be very careful.

In case of occasional contact with such substances while doing housework, some precautions should be taken to reduce their harmful effects on the baby. Either a non-pregnant assistant should do this kind of work, or the window, fan, etc. should be opened while cleaning, rubber gloves should be worn and as little chemical as possible should be used.

House paints that emit toxic smells can be dangerous to your unborn baby. Sanding the wall can cause toxic particles to become airborne, which can then be inhaled. For this reason, water-based paints that do not contain lead and mercury should be used as a precaution in painting interior walls, doors and windows. The dyeing process should be done when the pregnant woman is not at home, at work or on vacation. In order not to inhale the paint smell, windows and ventilation should be open, if there is excess paint, the mouth should be tightly closed and stored outside the house if possible.

Since the parasite that causes Toxoplasma disease survives in uncooked meat and cat feces; If you eat uncooked meat directly or touch cat feces (cat litter) directly, you will endanger your pregnancy, which can cause serious problems for your baby. Therefore, if you have a cat at home, you should not change the cat’s box. If you have to change the cat’s box, you should either use gloves or if you do not use gloves, you should immediately wash your hands with soap and water after changing the cat’s box.

Kiss. Dr. Kutlugul Yuksel

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist

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