There is no summer, winter or miracle diet!

Do you know that there are about 22 thousand types of shock diets in the world?

With the arrival of the summer months, people who want to lose weight in a short time try the shock diets in the media one after the other. dit. Müge Aksu “There is no summer, winter or miracle diet. There is no miracle product that will save a person from unwanted weight in a short time. The first and basic rule to be applied to lose weight; regular, balanced and timely nutrition.

As the summer months approach, the rush to lose weight begins, especially in women. The person who takes action with the psychology of liking himself when he looks in the mirror first reduces the number of meals; This is the biggest mistake made… Because the food necessary for the body to function is also a source of fuel. dit. Müge Aksu said, “The person who wants to lose weight first condemns himself to hunger. They think that if I go hungry or skip meals, I will lose weight faster. However, when a meal is skipped, metabolism slows down. Cells that have been starved for a long time form their protective shields by giving hunger signals, and the eaten ones begin to store as fat. As the body’s work slows down, the rate of weight loss decreases. After a while it stops completely. Eating at long intervals creates imbalances in blood sugar and causes ups and downs. Especially if the only meal is dinner, the problem increases a little more. As the metabolic rate and activity will decrease in the evening, the digestion rate will also decrease. Muscle loss occurs in the long run. In order to lose weight consciously, you should definitely start the day with a good breakfast. The old saying ‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a poor’ remains valid in the modern age as well.” said.

The Secret of Conscious Weight Loss: Eating Little, Often, Everything When It Gets Dark…

The storage time of food in the body is about 4-5 hours. No matter how much the person ate, after a maximum of 5 hours, their stores are empty and they are hungry. Adding to his words that the secret of losing weight is to eat less, often and when it gets darker than anything else, Dyt said. Müge Aksu continued her words as follows: “The body tries to meet the energy it needs from the muscle cells. It is recommended by dietitians to eat 4-6 meals a day. The last snack should be consumed 2 hours before bedtime. Snacks accelerate the metabolism by prolonging the feeling of fullness. Thus, portion control is provided at the next meal. Being hungry means; fat cells increase and weight loss slows down. It should be based on eating the appropriate food, the required amount and at the right time. The basic rule of a balanced diet is to try to consume from every food group during the day. He should eat meat, milk, bread, vegetables and fruit groups by paying attention to the portion amounts. For proper weight loss, it should be essential not to eat under need. With the logic of few decisions, most of the harm, it is not right to eat any food without limit, and it will not be right to completely remove it from our daily diet.

The Indicator of Healthy Weight Loss is Fat Loss!

Weight loss is not an indicator of true weight loss. Real weight loss is considered to be a decrease in the amount of fat in the body. dit. Müge Aksu, “Weight can be gained from water or muscles; For example, if the waist circumference is the same, this is not an indicator of real weight loss. Rapid weight loss is not recommended as it usually causes muscle and water loss. When you return to normal life, the lost weight comes back with excess. For this reason, weight should be lost gradually and with a personalized program.” said.

Sweden, Dukan, Blood Type, Watermelon Diet or ‘5 kg in 5 days’ Possible?

As we enter the summer, it is desirable to lose weight in a hurry to make peace with the mirrors. dit. Müge Aksu stated that there are approximately 22 thousand types of diets in the world and that it is not possible to lose weight with shock diets such as Sweden, Dukan, Blood Type, Watermelon Diet or ‘5 kg in 5 days’ and said: “Shock Diets can have a shocking effect. very low calorie diets; it will stay below your metabolic rate and will cause your body work rate to decrease while trying to lose weight. A fat-cut diet also has bad long-term consequences. The absorption of fat-soluble vitamins ‘ADE-K’ is reduced. It can cause diseases such as tissue damage, night blindness in the eye – defects up to blindness, softening in the bones. In diets containing high protein; Problems such as gout, increase in blood fats, deterioration in kidney functions, constipation may be encountered.

When Should A Support Product Be Taken While Losing Weight?

The main purpose of diet therapy is to create a lifestyle change. Exercise is the other pillar of treatment. The World Health Organization recommends that a healthy individual take 10,000 steps a day. Saying that there are people who lose weight hard, Dyt said. Müge Aksu, “Green tea, red pepper, blueberry, brussels sprouts, strawberries, cherries, corn silk, bay or avocado leaves are foods that help to lose weight. In recent clinical studies, this feature of cactus and moss has also been explained. Products supported by clinical studies can be used to support treatment under the control of a doctor and/or dietitian. Using products with unknown ingredients can be harmful to the body. The consequences, unfortunately, can lead to death. It should be known that no nutritional support will have a miraculous effect and that it does not have a weakening effect on its own. said.

What is the role of cactus and moss in weight loss?

In clinical studies conducted in the USA and European countries, the active role of moss and cactus duo in the melting of adipose tissue, especially in the belly, hips and hips, was determined. dit. Müge Aksu said, “The oil-retaining feature of cactus and the increase in the metabolic rate of algae can help in weight loss. Cactus helps in weight management by removing the fat from the body with its fiber feature. In clinical studies, it was determined that cactus does not cause allergies, does not contain GMOs and is effective in weight loss. Edible brown seaweed is a natural molecule known for its fat-burning potential. It has been supported by clinical studies that it helps to get rid of regional excess weight, especially in the waist, hips and hips, by increasing the metabolic rate and burning the accumulated fat in the body. People can use the cactus and algae complex during weight loss programs and even during the protection period.” He gave clarification to the subject.

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