There is no such thing as “fibrocyst” or “fibrocystic disease”!

We call fluid-filled masses “cysts”. Breast cysts are physiological (natural) formations that occur with the effects of estrogen and progesterone hormones in women. So every woman has or will have it. During the menopause, when the levels of female hormones decrease, the cysts also shrink and disappear. In summary, they are completely harmless formations. There is no close relationship with cancer. It is nonsense to say that it is a “type of breast structure”, “familial transmission”, and “increases the risk of breast cancer”! Therefore, women with breast cysts do not need to be treated or followed up, under the control of a surgeon, oncologist or even a radiologist! It is sufficient for them to continue their routine radiological scans once a year.

There is no such thing as “fibrocyst” and there is no such thing as “fibrocystic disease”! “Modern medicine” has coined the word “fibrocyst” instead of “cyst” to make it incomprehensible to patients! Whatever your complaint about your breast is, protect yourself from medical charlatans who associate it with the so-called “fibrocystic disease”, “fibrocysts” or associate it with an increased risk of cancer, calling for control under this excuse, promising to save you from them by surgery, injection or supposedly treating them with drugs and herbs!

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