There is a great danger in filling and botulinum toxin applications made with untrained people and unqualified materials.

As the popularity of fillers and neurotoxins used for cosmetic purposes increased with media images and fashion trends, the use of illegal, inappropriate, uncertified and health-hazardous substances by unconscious people and the associated health threat increased with an atmosphere created by the economic conditions we are in.

Due to industrial silicones used in buttock and breast augmentation abroad and injections made with unapproved substances, people began to lose their health and even face fatal consequences. I am concerned that these cases, which are currently seen in Brazil, the Far East, China and the USA, may soon be seen in our country as well. On the websites, we read that people who have not received any training and introduce themselves as doctors perform breast and hip enlargement procedures and plastic surgery interventions. These charlatans, who have nothing to do just to make money and exploit people’s hopes, can cause very serious infections, skin death, loss of skin and people with their poor quality substance applications. They can cause complications that will disrupt the psychology of the person who has the application and make him resentful of life.

Fillers and botulinum neurotoxins are not cosmetic procedures that can be easily applied in the form of parties, in beauty salons, hairdressers, offices and offices, by anyone who comes before them! Those who inject must know the substance to be injected, know the injection technique and human anatomy well, and have the skills and training to deal with complications, that is, they must first become a doctor.

Patients must apply to a plastic surgeon or dermatology specialist, where they can see their specialty certificates approved by the Ministry of Health. It is also important for the patients to ask for the product certificates, product brand name, FDA approval, serial number and lot numbers from the practitioner, it is necessary to suspect the competence of the practitioner and the substance to be applied, at very cheap neurotoxin and filler application prices.

If you suspect that the practitioner has not received adequate training and is not qualified for this job, give up the practice and immediately call SABİM 184, report your complaint and follow up on your complaint. This is a responsible civic duty, not only for yourself, but also for the health of the community.

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