The World Drawn by the Person, the Limits of Life

Our world and our personal limits, which we have been taught or conditioned ourselves to… In general, we act to underestimate our potential and bring our victimization to the fore. Because the world we live in has told us how ordinary and unsuccessful we are rather than how special and valuable we are. There have been those who criticize our features that make us unique without seeing the need to mention them. We take these as our guide and draw smaller and smaller boundaries with each passing day. We fail to see the world, the supports around us, and the potential within ourselves. As a result, a world in which we suffocate, in which we feel impasse, emerges.

I can’t, it’s not for me, I’ve never tried it before, let’s remember the moments when we made sentences like. These are the voices that we internalize because we have never heard of external criticisms or the opposite, that is, “you can do it”, “you can do it”, approvals and supports. Over time, it feels like it belongs to us, defining ourselves, and over time they really start to define us. This can be called a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. Believing in something, accepting it as true makes it true over time. No matter how limited, incompetent and worthless we see ourselves, we turn into this over time. And we unconsciously make those around us realize this fact. And unfortunately, we surround ourselves with people who make us think that we are worthless and inadequate. We can think of it like a puzzle piece; What is missing in us is the side that sees itself as valuable and we fill that side with another. Thus, we begin to be the one who is crushed under it while the other side that sees itself as valuable.

So, looking at all this, are we helpless in this vicious circle? No. Let’s look at the moments when we suffocated, the most stuck. Those moments are actually the best reasons for us to stretch the limits we set for ourselves and to push our limits forward. Because we do not feel the need to stretch without difficulty.

In such cases, it will be useful to explore our own coping situations, get social support and, if necessary, use other support mechanisms.

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